Pitt Bull

Pit bull dogs are the most dangerous and aggressive breed. Its weight is between 16 to 30 kg.

Rot velor

Dogs of this species are powerful and also capable of biting very fast. Its weight is between 35 to 48 kg.

German shepherd

Among police dogs, the German Shepherd is one of the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world. They weigh between 30 and 40 kg. It has been banned in many countries.

Doberman pinscher

Dogs of Daberman Pinscher species are police dogs, common people have also started keeping it in homes, their weight is between 34 to 45 kg.


Bullmastiff is an aggressive dog with very long legs. The weight of dogs of this species is between 55 and 60 kg.


The Malamute is similar to wolves in size and weighs between 34 and 49 kg. These dogs are intelligent as well as full of energy and aggression.


The Boxer species is said to be a descendant of hunting dogs. These dogs are of a protective breed. Their weight is between 30 to 32 kg.