10 Richest Companies in The World Friends, these companies have become the Richest Companies in the World as well as the World’s Most Valuable Companies,

Company Founded- 4 September 1998. Company Founders- Larry Page, Sergey Brin. Company CEO- Sundar Pichai (Indian). Industry- Internet, Multinational Conglomerate.



Company Founded- 5 July 1994. Company founder- Jeff Bezos. Company CEO- Jeff Bezos. Industry- Retail Business, E-Commerce Company. Number of Employees – 5,90,000+ Employees

Coca Cola

Company Founded- 29 January 1892 Company Founder- Asa Griggs Candler Company CEO- James Quincey Headquarter- Atlanta, Georgia, United States Market Cap Value- 120.97 Billion Dollars.

Company Founded-28 August 1937 Company Founder – Kiichiro Toyoda Industry- Automotive Headquarters- Toyota City, Japan Market Cap Value- 275.04 Billion Dollars