Women living in Latvia are also called beautiful blondes. . They are also kept in the category of beautiful because of their way of speaking.

Swedish women are called beautiful because of their strong personality. Tall height, slim figure, brown hair and blue eyes are also big reasons.

Brazilian women are especially liked for their sporty look. You will find women of both light and dark complexion in this country. Brazilian women have always won big titles in beauty contests.

Spanish women are liked for their friendly behavior. She is dressed properly. For light tan skin, these ladies are also fit with the figure.

Russian women are known for their beautiful eyes and beautiful bodies.

The name of French women also comes in this list. He is liked for his extroverted attitude and positive energy to walk around.

India is also not behind in this matter. Women of every color and all kinds of features are found here in India. Especially the women of india are liked to look attractive.

Italian women are also called Bella. She is amazingly beautiful in appearance and is considered for her fashion sense.

Argentine women are considered to be of romantic culture. She is tall and also light brown. The women here also actively participate in the beauty pageant competition.

South African women are very beautiful and sporty body.