First on our list is Sundar Pichai, he is on the basis of his technology, the world’s largest company, Google CEO Alphabet Inc.

Sundar Pichai

Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella is the third CEO of Microsoft, after Bill Gates and Steve Barmal, he got the chair of Microsoft CEO.

Shantanu Narayan

Shantanu Narayan Ji is Adobe’s CEO as well as Chairman or President, he joined this company in the year 1998 but after 8 years of his joining he became CEO of Adobe Company.

Parag Agarwal

Twitter is a multi blogging social media website, whose CTO Parag Agarwal has now become the CEO of this website,

Rajiv Suri

In today’s time, who does not know the Nokia company, everyone has used the mobiles of the Nokia company.

Indra Louis

Indra Louis, who was the CEO of PepsiCo Company, is a very powerful lady and she has also been included in the Top 100 Powerful Woman List of the world.

 Arvind Krishna

After completing his graduation from IIT Kanpur, Arvind Krishna got his Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois and after completing his studies he is now CEO of IBM Company.

Ajay Pal Singh Banga

Ajay Pal Singh is appointed as the Master Card CEO, in view of his ability, the Government of India had also honored him with the Padma Shri award

 Sanjay Mehrotra

Sanjay Mehrotra is appointed as the CEO of a well-known US company MICRON, which actually works on MICRON Technology.

Vasant Narasimhan

1.Vasant Narasimhan is a doctor by profession and works as CEO of Multinational Physician Company NOVARTIS, an American company.